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I know you're the angst queen and all that but I want give you some love for that Swan Queen fluff you did. It was really good and I think you should know that.


  But I have no regrets. I fought right until the end. I fought, and I didn’t run.

Game Typography Challenge: Center or justify the type

you deserve rest. the world will go on without you.


"Ready for round two?"

Random stuff.

sylar-frost replied to your post: leliana’s just sitting there babbling …


Perhaps, but I still wanna go down on Morrigan like nobody’s fucking business, lol.




telepath more like telepathetic

this sounds like something Magneto would say before high fiving Mystique


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leliana’s just sitting there babbling about shoes and i’m all

i know and care nothing for shoes honey, not even gonna lie to you there lol

At first I was like…. morning? And then I remembered, oh yeah, time zones…xD

well technically its like barely morning for me too, lol, it’s 11:30am, but when i usually get up at 3pm, this is progress xD


To be quite honest, Miranda hadn’t exactly thought her escape plan through.

She had always enjoyed having her own private quarters, but it seemed that perk had come with an unexpected downside as Miranda was suddenly confronted by half of the crew that were scattered around the mess hall, most of whom had stopped eating once she arrived and were now staring at her. Miranda knew she must look a wreck with bed hair and makeup smeared under her eyes, and unfortunately, that alone left no question to the fact that she had just woken up; which wouldn’t be a problem, not really, except the fact that her quarters were right next to the mess hall, and it was obvious she had not come from there.

“…Good morning,” Miranda greeted stiffly, if not more politely than usual, just trying to break the silence that had fallen over the mess hall. She forced herself to stand up straight, telling herself that she had no reason to be embarrassed, even should they all know where she was coming from and what she had been doing. She was an adult after all, and she was allowed to make her own choices, despite how questionable they may be at times.

But in the end, it was still a little difficult for her because sex was one thing, but Jack… Jack was quite another. Whatever she had with Jack was now tainted by moronic things such as feelings and… and whatever the hell went hand-in-hand with that utter disaster, and that was precisely what made Miranda uncomfortable. She really didn’t want anyone to know about that; although to be fair, she didn’t even want to know about it herself. Ignorance was, unfortunately, bliss; and something she no longer had the pleasure of experiencing.


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