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kingoftheashers replied to your post: anonymous said:was it in your OLA…

That’s the one where Regina hides in the woods while she’s on trial and her handicapped assistant is a badass and makes all the royals look like crappy humans… I think

wow okay i don’t even know what fic that is, lol.


swan queen meme:

[1/1] favorite episode: desperate souls


We’ll see her again. And soon.


Anonymous asked:
was it in your OLAL fic where there was a point where regina didn't want to kiss emma because she was afraid it would break the curse or was that something else (i'm not trying to be funny i genuinely don't remember and figure you could answer quicker than i could check lol)

I… honestly don’t remember either? lol. I’ve had so many fics in my head since then I tend to just push old ones out. I think not though, since I think she was convinced she’d never be in love with Emma. Like I’m pretty sure Gold threw that in her face and she just scoffed cause clearly the curse would have broken before then if she was. Something to that effect. 

Man I am so not helpful, lol.

Guys. I know kung fu.

rikkisixx asked:
excuse me. did you just post hetero sex on my dash. did hell freeze over :P

they weren’t having sex lmao, just making out xD and they’re cute.

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Chuck, 2.21 - Chuck Versus the Colonel

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Don't breathe, don't move



astronomers got tired after watching the moon go around the earth for 24 hours so they decided to call it a day


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