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Anonymous asked:
I just realized that buffy and faith weren't the first blonde/brunette good/bad duo to do a body switch. Itntotally sliped my mind about xena and callisto's body switch

Basically every trope ever can be traced back to Xena, lol.

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Anonymous asked:
Reading your reviews for OUAT is half the fun of watching the show.

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aryousavvy asked:
Are you watching Jane the Virgin? Because you shouuulldddd....

Never even heard of it.

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Yessss. I’ve been asking for someone to help me finish this all freaking day, lol. One of my guildies finally came through and helped me, and now I have a shiny new title ^_^


When your friend hasn’t come out yet


#there is no escape from these jokes/puns

fuck yes finally got the reins of the dark phoenix mount


People who don’t love Firefly simply can’t be trusted.

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